Overview & insights

Overview and insights

Get the birds eye view of your construction projects and gather all the data into actionable reports and insights.

Often times you find yourself managing tens, if not hundreds of projects at any given time. Overview, actionable reports and insights are a must-have for construction projects of all sizes.

Overview and insights from your projects directly in your hands

With GenieBelt you have the possibility to get a top-down overview of all your projects, while also maintaining an accurate level of detail for every individual project.

Overview across all projects

  • Quickly identify which projects are progressing to plan – and which are not
  • Focus your efforts where needed 
  • View performance per region or project manager
  • Avoid resource misallocation

Insight across your existing digital tools

  • Milestone tracking allows stage reporting and invoicing
  • Big data to learn how to improve future projects
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Overview of data across GenieBelt and existing systems

Updated project reports generated and shared in seconds

Generate beautiful project reports in seconds and distribute them to key parties. Never work from outdated reports again.

Create beautiful reports with one click

  • Never spend time writing weekly reports
  • Easily distribute project updates as PDF files
  • Get progress reports, photos and daily weather reports quickly and easily

Construction reports ready for sharing

  • Audit trail reports for clear accountability
  • Weather reports automatically included
  • Automatic daily logs and site diary
  • Custom reporting

How overview and insights helped KN Byg

KN Byg is providing carpentry, masonry and contracting services and has been working intensively during last year to implement GenieBelt software tool to handle their project management and internal planning.

Explore the other GenieBelt pillars

Real-time project management

  • Instant communication from site to office
  • Fast, effective collaboration
  • Simple to use field reporting app
  • Site manager, superintendent, supervisor and construction worker friendly
  • Up to 7% project savings


  • Connect to existing systems
  • Work across factors such as time, cost, quality, H&S
  • Connect back office ERP/CRM
  • Provides the digital backbone for your construction business

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