Real-time project management

Real-time project management and collaboration

Bringing accountability and transparency to the industry that needs it the most.

At GenieBelt we understand that construction projects are difficult to manage and there’s a high margin for error. Therefore, it is crucial to have everyone on site able to report progress, report problems and ask questions quickly and efficiently.

Direct link between your office and site at all times

Ensure a continuous flow of information, updates and reports between the team and the office anytime and anywhere.

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Instant communication from site to office

  • GenieBelt can be up and running in minutes
  • Track everything from change orders to material delivery
  • Always up-to-date construction schedule

Fast, effective collaboration

  • Fewer emails and calls
  • Less admin
  • Live, real-time construction management
  • Accountability, transparency and a full audit trail
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A mobile app designed for the field, for productivity

Our field reporting app is designed for easy collaboration and efficiency, so the office is kept up to date while the workers focus on what they do best.

Simple-to-use field reporting app

  • Changes made on site are shown immediately in the schedule
  • Real time notifications are sent to affected parties
  • Everyone is up to date in real time

Site manager, superintendent, supervisor and construction worker friendly

  • Save time with fewer meetings
  • Progress reporting done right
  • The simplest to use construction app
  • Access construction scheduling software anywhere in the field or office

How mobile field reporting helped Rescon Builders

Rescon Builders is an Australian company specialised in building granny flats as well as new homes, extensions and renovations. With GenieBelt, they experience fewer errors and quicker turn-around.

Explore the other GenieBelt pillars

Overview and reports

  • Insights across projects
  • Insight across your existing digital tools
  • Progress, audit trail, site diary and weather reports ready for sharing
  • Custom dashboards


  • Connect to existing systems
  • Work across factors such as time, cost, quality, H&S
  • Connect back office ERP/CRM
  • Provides the digital backbone for your construction business

See the benefits in action

Get in touch with us for a detailed GenieBelt walk-through.