Real-time collaboration for construction

  • Effortless collaboration between teams
  • Full overview, transparency, and visibility across projects
  • Reduced admin burden and real-time field reporting
  • Improved predictability, build time, and quality

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It’s companies like GenieBelt that are bringing a fresh approach to data mining in order that we can build more efficiently, on time and within budget - all the time.
Matt Ghinn MCIOBProject Director, VolkerFitzpatrick, United Kingdom

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A simple-to-use construction software which massively increases efficiency, collaboration and communication between teams and gives you the complete overview of your construction projects.

Effortless collaboration between teams

Instead of spending time on phone calls, long email threads, and messages, work on a single system to collaborate.

With a live programme, subcontractors, on-site workers, designers, engineers, and more work to the same schedule always. 

house building pains
Before, we would print the schedule each month and compare project progress against the plan. Now, with the help of GenieBelt, I can see the historical timeline and keep track of progress as it is updated instantly.
Rory HartDirector, Hart Design and Construction

Full overview, transparency and visibility across projects

Our software lets you get a complete overview of single and multiple projects in real time, so you can place your attention where needed.

Get insights into the project schedule so realistic timelines for tasks or groups of tasks from project to project are set with ease.

We monitored progress based on the project schedule. The method wasn’t interactive. It wasn’t something we could physically use. It was just a paper copy. Reporting the progress of construction projects was very manual and time consuming. Oftentimes, it involved the actual person writing the report having to visit the site. So there was a lack of time efficiency. GenieBelt has changed that.
Dan BrownDirector, Silverlife

Reduced admin burden and real-time field reporting

Our software enables managers to save time by reducing site visits and moving the responsibility of field reporting down to workers on site. 

With an easy-to-user mobile app, workers can update progress in real time and the relevant information is provided to managers instantly.

Decices update
The simplicity and ease of use of the system means that we can get on with our work, without having to use too much thinking time when wanting to get simple tasks done
James AldersonDirector, Mulbury

Improve predictability, build time and quality

Complex data is presented simply and custom dashboards allow managers to quickly view information with data accumulated from multiple projects and systems.

An audit trail provides full documentation of tasks performed and activities logged. Our live platform shows you project progress, delays, problems and changes.

Import from your favourite scheduling tools and get started in no time


How a leading contractor benefits from GenieBelt

“Within the industry, the construction plan is king. If we don’t deliver on time, it’s going to cost us more money or alternatively costs someone more money.”

Matt Ghinn – Project Director – VolkerFitzpatrick

It’s time to bring real-time collaboration to your projects