The best construction scheduling software for lean planning

  • Easy and practical – no need for complex planning systems
  • Full overview of activity progress on your projects
  • Reduced admin burden and real-time field reporting
  • Improved predictability, build time, and quality

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How a leading contractor benefits from GenieBelt

“Within the industry, the construction plan is king. If we don’t deliver on time, it’s going to cost us more money or alternatively costs someone more money.”

Matt Ghinn – Project Director – VolkerFitzpatrick

Trusted by industry leaders

A simple-to-use construction software that massively increases efficiency, collaboration and communication between teams and provides you with a full overview of your construction projects.

A live construction Gantt chart

There are many types of construction scheduling software but most are so complex, only the specially trained can use them. Also, as soon as construction actually begins, the project plan is out of date.

With GenieBelt, construction project planning and scheduling is interactive in real time, making sure your schedule gets updated with real information from site.

Before, we would print the schedule each month and compare project progress against the plan. Now, with the help of GenieBelt, I can see the historical timeline and keep track of progress as it is updated instantly.
Rory HartDirector, Hart Design and Construction

Efficient work processes and coordination between teams

With GenieBelt as your project management scheduling software, you are able to better coordinate site teams and suppliers and avoid downtime.

In line with the principles of Lean construction, GenieBelt’s lean planning software gets the right people to the right place at the right time.

house building pains
GenieBelt brings us the ability to have control of what’s happening at the site in real time. Not only that, we have a complete vision of the construction site and multiple teams collaborating to get work done. That means, the suppliers, main office, procurement, on-site workers, and subcontractors are all connected and managers are aware of everything.
Raul HernandezVP Business Development, Provivienda

Construction planning and management made easier

When planning construction projects, there are many uncertainties. Weather, supplies, even design issues and labour availability are all factors that play a role.

This is why your construction planning and scheduling software should reflect reality, get updated automatically as changes occur, and notify stakeholders as needed. As does GenieBelt.

The simplicity and ease of use of the system means that we can get on with our work, without having to use too much thinking time when wanting to get simple tasks done
James AldersonDirector, Mulbury

Improve predictability, build time and quality

With GenieBelt’s construction Gantt chart and user-friendly interface, you are combining the best of two worlds: A construction scheduling app that can be used by all, and real-time updates from the field.

Using GenieBelt as a lean construction management tool ensures that all work together and actual project progress is transparent, saving you time and money.

field reporting app
I was introduced to the platform on Wednesday and decided it was great. We got it set up on Thursday. I briefed the team on Friday. We were using it that weekend and we got great returns.
Matt GhinnProject Director, VolkerFitzpatrick

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