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Better Overviews. Save time and Money.

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Geniebelt gives executive and key decision makers the ability to split up projects into subprojects and also combine tasks of other projects to match the complexity of the work being done. Construction software should be flexible and giving you the insights you need to make the right choices. Think of Geniebelt as the tool that reduces time via simplifying complexity and saves money by giving you the platform that lets you navigate, collaborate, and understand what is happening on site.

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Construction today is complex.

Geniebelt makes it simple.

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Project Clarity

See what’s happening. With GenieBelt you can see what’s happening in construction field and office with simple pdf report. Or just by observing our advanced Gantt chart, which won’t let you get lost in most complex construction projects.

GenieBelt assign tasks


How contractors accountable - you can easily see, who is ahead and who is behind of schedule.

GenieBelt timeline

Simple Reports

Export reports in one click in handy pdf or csv files.

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Connected teams

No more issues with communication - send @mentions, updates, images and receive notifications.

GenieBelt - smart and simple solution for Construction CEO’s.

Managing Partners and Decision Makers

GenieBelt flag tasks

Observer Roles

Let other important decision makers see the project without touching it.

GenieBelt task details


All the information can be found across every task inside of the project(s).

GenieBelt task details


Access the project data from the office or make updates from the field.

GenieBelt Task Management
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