Construction Manager

Manage construction team easily with GenieBelt

Construction Manager

Construction Managers will get some of the biggest benefits from Geniebelt in terms of streamlining their processes and how much time they will save managing their staff on one platform. More organization means more focus on getting the job done right.

Get advanced tasks in construction completed easily with GenieBelt. Our project management platform is a reliable choice for broad range of management roles on construction sites. From the construction superintendents to project coordinators, there are endless benefits to using the Geniebelt construction software platform.

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GenieBelt gantt chart


Manage construction team more efficiently with our advanced communication module.

GenieBelt assign tasks

Mention specific contractors

Focus on employees by @mentioning them.

GenieBelt timeline

Project Overviews

See your project from a data perspective - percentage complete, delays, and?

GenieBelt gantt chart

Detailed insight into project

Keep an eye on smallest details in largest projects.

GenieBelt assign tasks


Let everyone on site know, that there is a problem.

GenieBelt timeline


Add important miles to the Gantt chart as a reminder to keep on top of important dates and times.

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