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GenieBelt - be created for construction

GenieBelt - is your main destination for project management for construction. It is an advanced platform to help you manage even most complex projects easily: see flow, get reports, communicate with team, overview budget. Within GenieBelt you can manage multiple projects at once. Or one, very large project. And in the same time keep a bird’s eye on every, even smallest detail of the process.

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Project overview

Drive whole construction process from one place - GenieBelt.

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Drill Down

Filter complex projects by people, tasks or tags.

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Calculate total, actual, extra budgets.

Building Contractors have so much going on at once and need to constantly update your team, you need a platform that understands your daily battles. Geniebelt will allow you streamline your communication and get messages and changes out quickly to your team. Find out when delays hit and quickly allocate more resources to problem areas to save the day.

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More Control

Set tasks, update entire crew, and assign deadlines on fly.

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Manage big team

All members are on linked to the platform and get give real-time updates on progress, delays, or problems on site.

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Reduce Bottlenecks

Reporting and collaboration tools reduce the extra time spent working through complex tasks and finding the right person to get the answers you need.

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We make sure your construction management is in secured, cloud-based environment.

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