Project Manager

Manage your team and stay ahead of deadlines by working more efficiently

Why a Gantt Chart?

GenieBelt will help you to manage construction much more efficient. It is suitable for all kinds of projects - small and big, all kinds of teams and organizations. Our advanced, world class Gantt chart is at the core of managing every task in the process.

Oversee largest projects and manage smallest details with GenieBelt project management in construction. Do it, while easily communicating with your team, assigning tasks, receiving notifications and keeping up with schedule.

3d gantt chart perspective view

Organize chaotic process

RBC Rochdale employees

Manage team

Easily communicate and assign tasks to your coworkers.

GenieBelt assign tasks

Get overview of projects

Use our portfolio overview feature.

GenieBelt timeline

Filter by tasks, projects, people

By using drill down.


GenieBelt flag tasks

Custom reports

Get reports out to decision makers quickly to show progress and keep peace of mind.

GenieBelt task details

Keep timelines and budgets

With the baseline feature - see what’s overdue.

GenieBelt Task Management
Iphone beats communication

Communicate and Collaborate

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Audit trails

See what is happening with every task.

GenieBelt updates

Report a problem

Find out when something has gone wrong on the site and mitigate that problem quickly.

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