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Why a Gantt Chart?

Gantt Chart software is used in construction to show a timeline and how tasks are associated with each step of the building process. Gantt Chart Construction starts at the task level but lets you see a broad overview of how all the tasks make up your entire project.

3d gantt chart perspective view

Better Visualizations

Explore your construction management project with a better overview. One Gantt chart for everything. 

GenieBelt gantt chart

Gantt Display Tasks

Visually appealing displays let you see your entire project from start to finish based on tasks.

GenieBelt assign tasks

Assign Tasks on a Gantt Chart Display

Easily assign responsibilities to members of
your team and see who is responsible for what.

GenieBelt timeline

See Timelines as they Approach

Gantt charts look more like an online construction schedule, you can see as deadlines based on dates.

Task Management

This is where the rubber meets the road. You need to see what deadlines are approaching, resolve issues quickly, and quickly navigate around your project to get work done efficiently.

GenieBelt flag tasks

Flag Tasks

Delay, problem? Just flag this task in Gantt Chart and never get lost in your construction process again.
You can always return to it later.

GenieBelt task details

Open up tasks to see details

Dive into individual tasks straight from the Gantt chart and find out where there are delays or potential issues coming down the pipeline.

GenieBelt Task Management

Our online construction programme uses Gantt Charts that will transform your messy online construction schedule into a seamless, easy-manageable and well-structured construction project.

Isometric Gantt Chart
Iphone beats communication

Communication and Updates

Now more than ever you need to be able to communicate with everyone on site and at the office to get work done.

GenieBelt grey


Construction team, both in field and office, can communicate seamlessly with Beats. GenieBelt notification system - like a pulse in construction.

GenieBelt updates

Updates from SubContractors

View the updates in each tasks within the Gantt to spot updates and see new notes from
subcontractors and workers.

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