The GenieBelt story

The GenieBelt story is a story of a tight partnership of entrepreneurs who with shared values pursue the slightly crazy ambition of changing Construction on a global basis.

One partner was doing some construction work, and was horrified on how bad that project was managed. He met a friend from the Construction industry who said, “why don’t you do something about that”. That kind of made sense, so high on ambition but low on in-depth understanding of how Construction worked, he decided that should be his new project in life: to change Construction globally, to make it more efficient and a better experience for all involved parties.

One partner was a techie, he didn’t have any Construction insight either. But he hated bad software, so he was looking for a place, where he could help to create good software that would kill bad software. Construction seemed to provide ample of opportunity for that.

One partner was a construction guy. He wanted to help his industry, so he was doing an app to help Construction work with less friction. But when the chance came to be part of a bigger ambition he was quick to join forces with the other guys. He more than anyone wanted Construction to get it’s pride back.

One partner had long before any of the other guys tried to improve Construction using technology. It worked, but not on the grand scale he dreamt of, so he was more than ready to push more ambitiously with other good people when the opportunity was there.

One partner also had no Construction background, but was intrigued of why the other partners were so eager to get started changing this huge industry. He quickly fell in love with the challenge, and became a thought leader on what had to be done in Construction.

This Band of Brothers had no prior knowledge of each other, came from different parts of the world, with different experience, different skill sets and very different levels of Construction industry knowledge.