How much do you know about construction?

The score – how well did you do? See an explanation of your score below.


You have scored the lowest level of construction knowledge, that just means you have learned a lot through this quiz. A part of being a good apprentice is learning on the job and building on experiences to eventually become a master craftsman and a construction expert.
Construction know-how may not be your strongest suit., but if you were to take this quiz again, there is a very good chance, you would score much higher. Like all things, you don’t know what you don’t know. Feel free to share and try again.

Site Manager

You are the site manager. You know enough to get you by and still learn something new everyday. The ability to pull random information out of the blue and use your common sense, will serve you well in the construction industry. But there is always room for improvement.
You know a lot about construction, how do you compare with your friends and collegues? Share this quiz and find out.

Construction Supervisor

You have clearly got some industry insights and know a thing or two about the construction industry. It seems like your brain is full of interesting facts in niche knowledge about the construction industry, but there is always more to learn. The construction industry is rapidly changing, and while your knowledge is impressive, imagine how complicated this industry will be in the next 10 years.
You’ve got the right stuff to make it in this industry, and with a little on the job know-how, you could be a leader. How do your friends and colleagues stack up against you? Share the quiz and find out.

Master Craftsman and Industry Expert

Congratulations! You are among the most knowledgeable in the construction industry. The great Frank Lloyd Wright would have been proud of you. Your industry knowledge and expertise will serve you well, now and in the future. Most leaders in construction have a wealth of knowledge underneath them that allow them to be flexible and understanding future trends in this competitive industry. Your ability to distinguish facts from fiction, and recognize common sense will continue to be one of your best traits as you continue to grow throughout your career.
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