Construction Jobs With High Demand

Ever thought of working within construction? Well, now it’s probably a really good time to start thinking about it. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a significant growth in new job openings within construction is expected during the next years. More specifically, it is estimated that only in the United States by 2024 there will be 790,400 new job positions in the industry.

Without a doubt, this is some great news for anyone who either already works or wants to look for a job in construction. Despite this impressive growth, you have to be careful to do your due diligence in regards to which are the best options for you. There’s no reason, though, to worry about it. We made our research and we present to you below some of the best opportunities for anyone who wants to start a career in construction:

Wind Turbine Technicians  

The need for wind turbine technicians is constantly augmented, given the increased interest in renewable energy sources all around the globe. Their primary responsibilities could be summed up to maintaining, installing and taking care in general of all the different technical details around wind turbines. Monitoring the state of the turbines is also pretty crucial for their proper function.

The median US salary of a wind turbine technician may reach up to 51,050$ per year, while an increase of 108% in terms of new job openings within the field is predicted by 2024.

Construction Managers

Being a construction manager is quite challenging. It’s probably one of the most demanding jobs in the industry. You constantly have to juggle between a vast number of tasks and responsibilities. On top of that, strong leadership and communication skills are necessary. If you take also into consideration the need for knowing how to elaborate budget plans and write down project proposals, then it’s clear that we are talking about a remarkably tough job.

But it’s a job position with great prospects for the future. That’s why people who work in this post just for a few years are ending up earning large amounts of money. With an unemployment rate of 2.8% and a median salary of 87,400$ (US market), that’s a great opportunity for anyone who is after an exciting business career.


The job of an electrician in construction is also fundamental. Except for the small all-around jobs that they may have to do, they are responsible for a number of different projects, too. From supervising and designing complex lighting systems to repairing and maintaining of expensive construction equipment, electricians have to be there in order to help out and make sure that everything works as it should.

Electricians are earning significantly less than construction managers but their salary is still high enough (Median Salary in the US: 51,880$). Moreover, 85,900 new electrician positions are expected to appear by 2024 only in the States.


Similarly to electricians, plumbers can play multiple roles in construction. They can help in the maintenance and the repairing or replacement of worn pipes. Furthermore, they can install all the necessary pipes during a construction project. Or make estimations for the type and the amount of equipment that will be necessary during a project.

The position of a plumber is really well paid with a median salary of 50,620$ per year in US. What’s more, the predicted amount of 49,100 new openings in the American market by 2024 makes the professional future of those who wish to work as plumbers to look even brighter.

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Sheet Metal Workers

Last but not least, a sheet metal worker career can be a smart choice for your professional future. A sheet metal worker can create and put together different metal parts which will be necessary for the construction process. It’s a job that requires great precision and impressive hand skills.

The median salary for sheet metal workers in the States is 45,750$ per year and the job outlook percentage until 2024 is quite positive (7%).


Carpenters are an essential part of every construction project. They are responsible for putting together the frameworks of a building and installing fundamental construction parts such as windows, floors and so on. Normally, they have to collaborate with other construction workers in order to complete the ordered tasks. It’s a pretty challenging job which sometimes can have a close connection to decoration (e.g. setting up a kitchen).

Based on the numbers of the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the US, the median salary of a carpenter reaches up to 42,090$ per year. Becoming a carpenter is surely a good choice for anyone who wants to pursue a career in construction.

Masonry Workers

Masonry workers can be a highly recommendable job for anyone who would like to work within construction. They are responsible for a variety of tasks such as establishing foundations, mixing mortar and polishing surfaces. Again, following the suggestions of the given drawings or blueprints is a prerequisite.

The US job outlook for masonry workers looks extremely promiscuous. Their job openings will increase by 15% until 2024. At the same time, their median pay is around 39,640$ per year.


Working as a glazier is a job that requires gentle handling and great precision. But it’s definitely a very creative on-site work. A glazier is in charge of the shaping of every type of glass that will be necessary during the construction project. This may apply to any kind of building regardless of its size. Like any other construction project agent, glaziers are conducting their work based on the given blueprints and plans.

The median pay for a glazier in the United States is 39,440$ per year. With the growth rate percentage of the field at 4%, being a glazier doesn’t sound like a bad choice.

Installer of Photovoltaic Systems

Becoming a photovoltaic systems installer can be demanding but quite creative, too. The majority of his/her activities have to do with installing and activating photovoltaic systems. Maintenance is also part of their work routine. Sometimes there may also be a need for inserting weather sealing to the installed systems.

In terms of numbers, a photovoltaic systems installer can earn up to 37,830$ per year (median US salary). It’s estimated to be as one of the most promising working positions in the US at the moment. More specifically, this field is expected to experience a rise of 24% in job openings by 2024.

Construction Laborers     

Choosing a career as a construction worker can be a great option when you can’t or don’t want to dedicate an excessive amount of time to acquire a highly specialized university degree. Construction laborers are conducting many different tasks on site. These tasks are mainly connected to preparing the jobsite for the construction procedure. They are also a significant part of the building process. In most cases, they are ready to contribute in many different areas of work depending on the project.

Only in the United States, the job openings for construction laborers are expected to grow by 13% during the next 7 years. Keeping that in mind, the job of a construction worker seems to have pretty good prospects for the near future.


Construction is an industry with bright opportunities for those who know where to search for them. Its future is only expected to get better and better through the next decades, given the expected growth of the whole sector.