Biggest Construction Companies in Europe – 2017

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Biggest companies in Europe – Infographic

When it comes to massive construction companies, it is no joke that the European continent is well represented. With our Biggest construction companies in Europe blog post, we set out to gather the biggest construction companies from each European country and assemble them into a massive spreadsheet.

Following up on the original blog post, we decided to better illustrate who are the top construction companies in all major European countries.

We hope this map can offer you a clearer overview into which are the biggest names on the European construction market. How many of the biggest construction companies in Europe below do you recognize?

Click on the graphic to see it in full-size.

Watch the video below to get a quick overview.

Spreadsheet and map of the biggest construction companies

Below you can view the original data from our initial blog post Biggest construction companies in Europe which is the basis that we used to create this map. You can view a spreadsheet of all the companies as well as their contact details. Did we forget to add anyone? Were we wrong about a certain company? Please let us know we’ll look into it. What is more interesting about this picture is the acknowledgement that each country has its own “top company” and even though there are thousands of companies spread across Europe, there isn’t one central dominant company in all of Europe. As time progresses we’ll look back to see which of these companies continued to thrive and which ones eventually fade into obscurity. How many of the listed companies are able to keep up with the demands of modern construction? Only time will tell. Get spreadsheet now via filling form below!

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Interactive map

We also compiled an interactive map showing all the companies that were included in the above spreadsheet and their location. You can view the map by clicking on the image below. Dive in and see which of the biggest construction companies in Europe you recognize and which ones are closest to you.

Biggest Construction Companies in Europe interactive map

Do you agree with the graphic? Please comment with your thoughts and don’t hesitate to share this post with your network and see what they think!

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