Do you know a person who likes to cut corners? Especially when it comes to fixing stuff around the house for instance. Because they are too proud to order professional help, and because they know they can fix it themselves. Maybe you got a dad, grandfather, or a friend who is always filled with ideas on how to fix stuff. It could be fixing the zink, installing the new washing machine or something else that will make a professional worker drop the jaw.

These homemade fixes can lead to hilarious results where people have tried to be really creative in order to solve their problems. We have collected a bunch of pictures of such fixes, and put it together in a slide show for your amusement. Enjoy!

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There’s more

The internet is filled with these funny pictures and epic ways to fix problems. If you want to see even more, you can check out these YouTube videos. It is videos where a bunch of pictures have been put together in a compilation. Check them out and get a laugh.

This is just some of the examples out there. Being in construction, funny things can happen all the time. At those moments it can be a good idea to have a camera nearby, so you’re able to capture those moments and share them with others. It could even be a good idea in order to promote your company a bit. People like to watch these funny videos and pictures, and it can therefore be a great way of getting people to talk about it.

Promoting tools

If you want to know a little bit more about how you can help promote your company with photos/videos like these for instance, we have created a master list of tools that can used for different marketing and sales purposes. For instance good tools to use to create content. You can check it out here: The Master List Of Marketing And Sales Tools.