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In the US there are a lot of construction companies doing different work within areas like commercial, institutional, industrial, and civil construction services. But who are the biggest construction companies in the US?

That is something GenieBelt has decided to figure out. We hereby present our master list of the biggest construction companies in each state of the US. Each state presented by 5 construction companies, so a total of 250 companies.

In this Google Map, you can see where the different companies are located as well as how you can reach them.


Besides the Google Map, you can get the whole list in this spreedsheet. Here you can find an overview of all the states and the companies within each state along with their website and contact information. It will look like this:

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The total list of construction companies

Finally you can find the whole list below. With all the different states and construction companies.

1. Alabama

2. Alaska

3. Arizona

4. Arkansas

5. California

6. Colorado

7. Connecticut

8. Delaware

9. Florida

10. Georgia

11. Hawaii

12. Idaho

13. Illinois

14. Indiana

15. Iowa

16. Kansas

17. Kentucky

18. Louisiana

19. Maine

20. Maryland

21. Massachusetts

22. Michigan

23. Minnesota

24. Mississippi

25. Missouri

26. Montana

27. Nebraska

28. Nevada

29. New Hampshire

30. New Jersey

31. New Mexico

32. New York

33. North Carolina

34. North Dakota

35. Ohio

36. Oklahoma

37. Oregon

38. Pennsylvania

39. Rhode Island

40. South Carolina

41. South Dakota

42. Tennessee

43. Texas

44. Utah

45. Vermont

46. Virginia

47. Washington

48. West Virginia

49. Wisconsin

50. Wyoming

Another list and map

We have also made a list and a map of the biggest construction companies in Europe. Make sure to check it out here.

Biggest Construction Companies in Europe interactive map


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