Well, for us guys in construction the technological revolution began with the mobile phone. That “mobile technology” saved us hours a day trying to find the people we needed to talk to! It also, for contractors who were “with it”, often saved the cost of installing land lines! We often just left it until the clients’ lines were going in and then “borrowed” theirs! Those early mobile phones, incidentally, were available to us on site before we had PC’s we could use!


However, mobile technology has moved on at a breath-taking pace! Today smart phones, tablets and Pc’s are the norm! The only problem these days is keeping up with what they have to offer and taking full advantage of it all. Let’s have a think about all the documentation and paperwork we need on a project.


Well, it starts off with the Contract then we have drawings, RFI’s, Memos, letters, Programmes, design changes, notifications and the rest of them. I’ve blogged previously about how much time and money that lot costs in time and storage facilities. So the next question is who needs to know what out of all that lot? Well, not everyone, certainly; some is just a bit specialised. The ground-workers don’t need to know about an inside light being moved from A to B or skirting boards being painted a different colour! But if it was stuck in front of them they would realise it wasn’t of interest and just ignore it. On that basis I don’t think we could see any information over-load imposed on anyone.

What we need is for everyone to have access to all information instantly. The early mobile phones saved hours a day; today’s mobile technology could save days a week! – If used correctly! Those days could be saved by not having to wait three days for the postman to bring stuff to site, followed by photocopying and finding the right guys to give the copies to.

Right, in today’s world those who sit at desks have PC’s and tablets stuck in front of them; those out and about have a smart phone in their pocket and often a tablet in their hand. These are the “work benches”; all we need now are the tools to work on them with. Bear in mind that what we want to “make” is a substitute for all that dam*ed paperwork! So what we need is a “tool” which is up to the job. Something new that everyone needs to know? Just type it in on touch-screen or keyboard; press “Send” and that is it” Everyone has the information as quickly as the network and servers can bang it out! Seconds, usually! All that is required by the recipients is a quick look at their screen and everyone knows everything! Just like that!


If we had technology we could use properly on our mobiles and everything else it would have another very big advantage for a project. Because anyone who slipped up and didn’t react to something in short order would have the rest of the team knowing that and calling them names, things would speed up! Contractually seven days to respond to an RFI? I’d bet the answers would be back in a couple of days! Move a door on a partition wall? Instant information and no boarding would be put up or wiring put in! Save a week there alone! Running a day or two late on a Programme Task? Hurry up! The world knows and the finger points!

So that’s how technology in the construction should be used the right way! All that is needed now is the ”tool”. Well, that is readily available for instant delivery from GenieBelt!

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Click on and down-load it, and then tell everyone else on the project to do the same!